ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS – Most people truly want to improve the environmental quality of their community. To minimize risk for potential developers, Engineering Plus performs environmental reviews including Phase I and Phase II assessments. While such an assessment is not fail-proof, it significantly reduces a potential buyer's risk of purchasing property with manmade environmental problems. Engineering Plus coordinates carefully with experienced archeological, environmental and wildlife professionals to achieve a thorough evaluation of a site's characteristics and potential. The emphasis is to mitigate project impact and maximize utilization of valuable properties.


LARGE and SMALL INDUSTRIAL PARKS – Many factors impact an industry's site selection. However, the one factor common to all industry interested in building a new facility is availability of land with necessary infrastructure either available onsite or in the immediate vicinity of the property. Engineering Plus personnel work closely with state and local economic development organization to locate and develop land best meeting the needs of industry. Site development must be innovative and flexible to best meet the needs of today's industry.


LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Landscape design is an integral part of site planning. It involves utilizing a trained and experienced landscape architect to blend new features into a site and preserve existing characteristics. The result is a functional, aesthetically-pleasing and economically feasible development.

QUALITY CONTROL TESTING – In addition to proper planning and design of projects. Engineering Plus has a soils, concrete and asphalt quality control laboratory with trained personnel. The lab has been inspected and certified and lab technicians have been tested and certified.

GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION – Engineering Plus performs geotechnical investigations utilizing a drill rig capable of collecting soil samples up to 100 feet deep. Soil parameters on collected samples are developed in our laboratory. Results of the lab testing are then utilized to determine suitability of the soils for construction purposes and for determination of the load carrying capacity of the soil.

SURVEYING – Utilizing GPS and conventional surveying equipment as appropriate, Engineering Plus performs property, topographic and construction surveying. Property surveys vary in magnitude from small subdivision lots to massive tracts owned by timber companies. We understand that topographic surveys are ultimately to be used for site design. As such, we collect and include in our drawings information required by a designer to adequately design and build a project. We provide construction stakeout as part of our services on many projects. Our professionalism and attention to detail have earned us a reputation of dependability within the local industry.

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